Hello world!

Hi to anyone and everyone reading this. The first of maybe many blog posts!

I’ve decided to start a blog, because so often I have so much to say, so much to reflect on, and am a bit concerned about overloading my friends’ Facebook feeds (of which I’ve been guilty in the past). There’s a few friends who receive what must amount to pages upon pages of texts and Facebook messages from me, just me reflecting on life and ranting about my own. Plus, Twitter’s not really an option, because 140 characters is definitely nowhere near enough for me.

I’m not really a tech wiz (though I find code fascinating), so this won’t exactly be a technically advanced blog. Hopefully as I become more familiar with the site, the design and layout can be a bit better, but for now, vaguely-formatted words on a page will have to do.

So, wish me luck, and hopefully this blog can become a part of my life!



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