Names, or 正名

So, to start, maybe it’s worth explaining why I’ve chosen ‘Academia Metallica’ as my blog title.

I ran through a number of names, some of which were unavailable. That was the first hurdle. The next was finding a title that I would be happy with, that would ring memorable in the ears, and that was, ultimately, representative of me.

A couple of the possibilities:

Johann Valjohann (a fun play on my name but a little bit too theatre-niche)
I simply rock into Mordor (again, a fun title, but since it’s based-on-a-meme-based-on-a-LOTR-quote, I felt it would have little mass appeal or lasting power)
Shame On The Night (taken, unfortunately)

So, what I came to eventually was Academia Metallica.
To explain:
-It’s a Latin title, because I love the Latin language, and Roman history (more on that in another blog post).
-‘Academia’, not because I think of myself as an academic (…yet, though a man can dream), but because I love academia, learning, and reading; it is pretty much what has defined my life so far and the only thing I’ve been consistently good at.
-‘Metallica’, because along with academia, something I’ve defined myself by for the last 10 or 15 years has been my love of metal and rock music. ‘Metallica’ has the double-whammy of both making the title mean ‘Metallic Academia’ (so… my dream job, basically) and also instantly recalling that metal-cum-rock* household name, Metallica. They’re no longer my favourite band, but I did spend approximately ALL of 2007 listening to nothing but Metallica. So, they’re the ones who got me into this mess in the first place.
*don’t laugh. It’s English; look it up.

So, that’s the name explained. Some people might see the use of Latin as pretentious (and indeed the Chinese in the title of this post). To that I say: I may be very flawed, but if there’s one thing I try my utmost to avoid being, it’s pretentious. My view is: I know Latin, and it’s proven useful in this context and provided me with the best possible title, so why not use it? I don’t use Latin (or Chinese, or any other language) to put on airs or make Boris Johnson-esque pretences to being more elite or fanciful than I actually am; I use it because sometimes you can’t say something well in one language, but perfectly in another. Plus, I f*cking love languages (more on that in another blog post somewhere down the line), and that’s never going to stop, so I’m never going to restrict myself to English – a grammatical gauntlet/lexical labyrinth of a language that I just happen to have been raised to speak.
Besides, another of the names I was considering was ‘Academicusque Metallicus’ (“academic and metal”, to describe myself) which would have been WAY more pretentious.

Well, I guess that’s my first official blog post done. Hope you enjoyed it and you got something of an insight into me. I’m quite enjoying this myself; it’s training for typing long pieces, while simultaneously procrastinating from my dissertation. So, hopefully there’s plenty more to come!


P.S. “Shame On The Night” would have been a reference to the song by Ronnie James Dio. A fantastic sentiment by a fantastic singer, and probably the only thing I’d ever consider getting tattooed on myself (more on that later)